[Resolved] Scrivener dramatically slow!

Hello everybody !
I use Scrivener 2.5 (25236) with Mac OS Maverick 10.9.3.
And my Scrivener is dramatically slow ! I can’t work normally ! With any action : selection, tapping, Copy/Paste, scrolling in a page… I have always the “wait cursor” that runs 2-3 seconds before I can do anything!
What is the cause of slowdown? : my Mac ? My Scrivener ? Any other process ?
I really need help to solve this problem that prevents me from working correctly!

I would check external conditions first. There are no known bugs in Scrivener that would cause such things as copy and paste to take so long. If you haven’t rebooted in a while, do so. Modern Macs are not as robust as they used to be and get bogged down after a few weeks in my experience. Check available disk space, that is the main cause of universal slow-down. If you have less than 15% free space on your disk, it’s time to do some (late) spring cleaning. Next check Activity Monitor and make sure nothing is jammed, using up all of your CPU. Common culprit is a browser that hasn’t been closed recently. A stuck Flash animation can bring a system to its knees.

Thank you for all these tips, I’ll try that.

Also might be worth looking at the autosave.
Preferences > General > Saving - Auto-save after (default is 2 secs or something).
Try messing with that (60 secs). My floppy drive can be quite slow …

-> Check available disk space : done.
-> Preferences > General > Saving - Auto-save after, 60 s : done.

it’s perfect now ! I can work quite normally !


Thank’s for all