[Resolved] Section Layouts not applying Edits

I am using Scrivener Version: Beta (1078406) 64-bit - 14 Oct 2020 on Windows 10 Home
Build: 19041…630

I am really struggling to get Scrivener to apply edits to Section Layouts.

I created a test project and have 3 folders (called chapters) and one text document in each (called Scene under Manuscript. The nearest compile format that suited my needs was “Modern” but I wanted the Chapter title to be 18pt not the default 24pt. I have assigned Chapter Heading to Chapter and Section Text to Scene. I chose to edit the Chapter Heading (which creates a duplicate called Modern Copy in Project Formats) and altered the font of the “Chapter 1” text to 18pt instead of the 24pt. The text in the Layout changed but the “Chapter 1” shown in the Section Layout doesn’t change size after the edit. I did Save then Compile (to PDF).

The resulting PDF has “Chapter 1” in 24pt. The edit was not saved.

I cannot get the font size to change.

Bug? Or am I doing this all wrong?

What I could really do with is a much more detailed “manual” section describing the editing of Compile Formats.

Further to the post. I have found that IF I choose to edit Chapter Section Layout and choose, under formatting, the style Heading 2, this changes the font to Arial Regular point size 18 (from the default 24). However, after save and compile it reverts back to point size 24 and the resulting pdf output shows point size 24.

I am not convinced it is something I am doing wrong. Any edits to the Section Layout are ignored. :wink:

Update: Beta version Version: Beta (1120018) 64-bit works.


So why haven’t you posted this in the Beta Testing forum, which is there for just such matters?

Moderator Note: topic moved to beta forum.

Thank you for the education.
I will know next time.

No worries!