RESOLVED Sudden and urgent problem with installer

Hi! Any help would be appreciated on this one!

I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year and had installed the normal 30 day trial version of Scrivener in October. And I had a warning come up that it was coming up to the end of the trial today. And I remember hearing about the special trial version that ends in December. So I went to download that, and during the installation it couldn’t install scrivener.exe.

And now Scrivener won’t run. I tried downloading the installer again, and then I tried downloading the normal version and it had the same effect. I’m not sure what to do, if I just bite the bullet and buy it I’m not even sure that’ll work.

What happens when you try to uninstall the current version via the Control Panel?
Did you install to the default location?

yes, I installed to the default location (over the previous installation).
the first time I uninstalled it and reinstalled, same thing, But now the same thing is happening with uninstall.exe

If I try to uninstall it from the windows settings page, it tries to do the uninstall command from the scrivener file.

So when I try to either run scrivener or uninstall it. I get this error.

Crisis averted! But thanks for the idea. I just installed Scrivener into another folder and it’s installed as it should. And I’ve tested it and I’ve got the NaNo trial version as originally planned.

I’ll have to clean up the mess this has made in my windows 10 directories later.

Time to make up for lost time!