Resoring backup doesn't work

I am hoping I cannot replicate this error and I am so glad I get paranoid about backing up files when it comes to computers and software.

I tried using the Scrivener backup to backup my manuscript. Then, because I like to check that the backup worked, I tried to restore the backup. I got the message that the backup version was not compatible to the version of Scrivener that I was using. I checked and made sure it was version 1.3. It was the same version I had used to make the backup. Then when I went back to Scrivener to open the project, all the day’s work was gone. Nothing that I had written that day was there. Neither of the two backups I had made worked. Now, it is possible that the backup is not functional in version 1.3 but if it is in the menu, I am trying it. (Me <— tinker)

Now, I have a question about what you mean when you say you were “restoring”. It makes it sound as if you were hitting something inside Scrivener to restore to a previous back up and I can’t find this anywhere. So I was wondering if you could outline the exact process your took for me?

Well, I was in Scrivener and made the backup off the menu. Then, first I tried to import the backup, which didn’t work. Then, outside Scrivener, I tried to open the backup file. That’s when I got the error message that my file was in the wrong version. When I tried it today on a new backup made from a new project, I had no problems.

I’m wondering if the attempted import caused the corruption of the file. I have heard of crashed files getting the same error about compatibility.

I haven’t tried to import a back up. I’ve been simply opening the back ups after I save them. As it saves an ENTIRE new project in a separate place, I would go to it and double click on the project.scrivx file.

I do NOT believe you are supposed to import it. Import is for adding pictures and additional documents, not the project file from another Scrivener project. Were you importing ALL of the folders that went along with the back up at once? I would like to attempt to replicate this.

I believe I only tried to import the file called 'project" and not the whole kit and caboodle, which, now that I have a better understanding of Scrivener, was probably the problem. And I would believe that the file was corrupted because of it. Now that I have time to play around in the menus, I am having way too much fun using Scrivener, especially with all the other projects I have on the iron.

Well, I will tell you I wrote my entire NaNoWriMo novel in the Scrivener Beta and never lost one iota of information. With the autosave at every two seconds, I retained information even twice when power was lost to the CPU. I used [url="]Dropbox[url] for added protection. So that every time it autosaved I got a nice visual of the Dropbox icon in my taskbar uploading.

Well, I do my own backup regardless of any autosaves or backup in the software. And fortunately I did. Now, given what I have learned about Scrivener since then, I feel much better about not having multiple backup files. I was taught the credo “Save often, save frequently” and that has saved a lot of work for me. As I get used to what Scrivener can do, I am more and more amazed and loving having found it.