Resources on Ubuntu

I’m testing the latest beta on Ubuntu 10.10 32bits (both by using the .deb and the tar.gz) and I noticed that Resources, such as images and PDFs do not show at all on Scrivener. Is this the expected behaviour of the beta or am I doing something wrong?

So no one has noticed this or am I asking it at the wrong forum?

When you say that they don’t show, do you mean that you can’t see them in the binder or that they don’t open. There is of course no inbuilt PDF viewer in the LInux version, but I think they should open in another application if your system is set up correctly (and Ubuntu should be, unless you unset something).

Thanks, for your response. That’s exactly what I ment. So there are no plans to have an inbult PDF or image viewer on the Linux version? That was one of the things that got my attention form the introductory video.

Will I have a PDF and imageviewer if I use it on wine (or in Windows)? (EDIT:Answered myself: yes, it does)

EDIT: What would we need to have an inbuilt PDF and imageviewer on Linux?