Restart page numbering in header

I’m working on my thesis, which has an introduction. I’d like to be able to have a separate set of page numbers, preferably in Roman numerals, for the Introduction and the usual Arabic page numbers, starting at 1 again, for the manuscript itself.

I know Word can do this, but can I do it in Scrivener yet? (I’m using Scrivener 3 on Mac… I have Scrivener 3 for Windows, too, but Compile is crazy-wonky still, so I’m limiting myself to the Mac version for this thesis.)


EDIT: Now at a Mac. Does this sample project help? (92.7 KB)

roman.pdf (53.8 KB)

Scrivener has been able to do this for years. Not at a Mac right now to be able to provide you with specific screenshots and details, but this thread has the core information you need to set up different headers and footers (including discrete numbering schemes) for the various parts of your thesis: … an#p245170

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I know that you can excuse Front Matter, but I also have a cover page, which is what I’m considering Front Matter right now. I don’t want the Introduction to be part of the Front Matter, because I do want it to be numbered… just separately than the Manuscript proper.

It’s almost perfect, but I’d like to have a cover page with no numbering at the very start. So really, it’d be like three sections:

Cover page --> no numbering, different (no) header)
Introduction --> numbering set 1, pp. i-x
Manuscript --> numbering set 2, pp. 1-135

The introduction and manuscript parts are each set off with a new section layout, so if there is a way to restart numbering based on something like that, this may work.

A fudge, but in this project, the cover page is created as back matter (with its own blank header) and then dragged to the start of the compiled PDF in Preview. If compiling to a word-processor format, you could include a cover page in the front matter and then edit the headers in a word processor.

cover (97.4 KB)

cover page.pdf (58.4 KB)

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Ah, brilliant! I can probably do something like this or, as you said, just edit the final document in Word to remove that first page header… isn’t too big a deal for all the draft versions I’ll be producing this semester.



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