Restarted computer and now can't get onto Scrivener

I restarted my computer and something happened with Scrivener and it asked for my license key again. I looked it up and typed it in exactly, including any spaces or dashes, and it just keeps saying it’s not the right key. I’ve retyped it dozens of times, tried pasting and copying it, and I’ve had no luck. I did get the software back in 2018, but I’m using the same computer. I really need to get into my project because I’m in the middle of revisions AND a class. Please help!!!

That is likely related to the fact that Literature and Latte is not using the same online merchant as back when you bought your license to distribute their software.
I believe the best thing to do would be to open a help ticket with them as soon as you can.
I don’t know how exactly they go about it, but others with seemingly the same issue had their problem fixed rather quickly, contacting them directly.

Make sure you are using the latest version of the software, as older versions (circa '18) will be contacting the wrong activation server. You can always download the latest version from this page, but you may also be able to “Check for Updates” from the main Scrivener menu.

If you don’t see that command, you are using the Apple version and need to use their App Store program to update the software.