Restarting from scratch with new installation of iOS app -- is this possible?

I haven’t used the iOS app in years, but the app and two of my projects are on my current iPhone, carried over from two previous iPhones. I’d like to start using the iOS app, but i’m scared that the ancient versions of my projects on the phone will mess up the current versions. I started to open them on my iPhone, but chickened out when the wheel kept spinning.

If I uninstall and reinstall the app, will that wipe out what’s on my phone now, allowing me to put the latest versions there via syncing with Dropbox?

Also, I’ve put a new project in a Dropbox folder on my computer that’s different from the folder marked “Scrivener” in which the first two reside. Do I have to move it to the Scrivener folder, or can sync it to my phone from where it is?

Here’s what I would do:

  • The default synchronization folder for Scrivener is Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener. Make sure the current versions of your projects are not in that folder.

  • Allow iOS Scrivener to synchronize. That should put copies of the iOS Scrivener versions of your projects in the synchronization folder on your computer.

  • Move those copies to any convenient location, and synchronize again. Now Scrivener on the iOS device should be empty. If it isn’t, you can safely delete any projects that remain, since the computer has copies. (Note that any projects in the “On this iPhone” section of the project screen are not synchronized to Dropbox, though.)

  • Finally, move the current projects back to the Dropbox folder, and allow iOS Scrivener to synchronize again.

To answer your other question, only the specified folder will synchronize, but it can have subfolders if that helps you.