Restoration of Full Screen Dictionary Application

I don’t suppose there’s any chance of having back the option to open the Dictionary application in Full Screen? I know the panel can be opened but it would be nice to have the choice (I find the panel too small for my deteriorating eyes.)

And I miss the Dictionary being at the top of contextual items, as opposed to it now being nested.

Daft as it sounds, these two for me are dealbreakers for version 2. I’m no power user, most of the time (certainly after things are organised) I just add and shuffle documents, write in full screen, and look up and change words.

Scrivener 2 is lovely and Keith should be very proud. But for me and my limited use of its functions, these two changes make Scrivener 2 harder to work with. So I’ll just have to whither away on old 1.5, which is something I wasn’t at all expecting to do.

Please see the post on the Technical Support forum regarding this, and a way to open the dictionary in full screen mode. You are of course welcome to stick with 1.54 for as long as you want though.

Also, since you don’t like the hover tool, why not just re-assign Ctrl-Cmd-D to “Look Up in Dictionary and Thesaurus”? There, now it doesn’t matter if that menu item is on the moon, it’s one keystroke away.

Thank you both for your kind advice.
Looking back through previous posts I think I’m repeating what others have said, so I apologise. But in reply to your posts:

  1. Full Screen will not remain if the Dictionary application is summoned. (I am not talking about the Dictionary panel - which I find too small and requires scrolling, clicking and squinting - but the application, which lets me see everything at a glance.)
  2. A keyboard shortcut is OK – and something that I use – but if I’m backtracking the curser with a mouse then I then have to go back to the keys for the shortcut and then back to the mouse if I have to scroll or click (dictionary -->thesaurus–>dictionary). Thus the contextual is useful (particularly for editing/re-writing)

Sorry to winge but it comes from deep affection for the programme. As does the following: I do find it slightly odd that a dedicated writing programme should lose some of its ease-of-dictionary use.

Apologies, but I am very, very fond of Scrivener you see.

Are you a leftie? I ask because for most people, the nice thing about left-hand keyboard shortcuts is that they can be combined with mouse actions with great efficiency. This is why Apple chose all of those important editing shortcuts like cut, copy, paste, close window, and so on so that they can be performed entirely with the left hand while using the mouse. With Ctrl-Cmd-D, I can summon the dictionary interface immediately and while mousing about in the text, and when done with it, Cmd-W to close the dictionary (or Cmd-Tab back to Scrivener) all without removing my right hand from the mouse.

Though, if you are left-handed and use the mouse on the left side of the keyboard, that does make things less efficient; could try finding an alternate shortcut that uses the right side of the keyboard.