Restore a project using Time Machine

Yes, I’m the admin user

Thanks for your interest and help. I’m not comfortable playing around in the terminal because I’m clueless there.

I’m going to add another post at the bottom with my tentative results

I monkeyed around with my system and was unable to recreate your exact problem. It still feels like a problem with permissions though.

As the bottom of the hint, there is a pointer to an apple supplied GUI for changing group members. I have not played with it at all (I prefer terminal, but that is only because I spend lots of time in terminal widows on several different operating systems). I think it might be worth a shot.

One thing to keep in mind is that being the “admin” user is not the same as “being god” from the computers perspective. There is a “god” user called root that is omnipotent. You really don’t want to play god though. Bad things happen to systems that way. If all else fails I am pretty confident that we can get the file back with a little terminal work as root.

This morning I was able to successfully restore a Scrivener project that I had changed the owner from “wheel” to “staff.”

I used Super Get Info to make the change. The bad news is that Bare Bones Software has discontinued SGI.

I also have a license for FileXaminer. It appears to have a similar capability, but I haven’t confirmed it will do the job. I was trying something yesterday and got it to crash. I’m going to try again later today.

I didn’t venture too far into the Finder’s Get Info but “I” don’t see a way to change “wheel” to “staff”


Users and groups.jpg

I’ll keep investigating