Restore after clean install

Hi all:
as subjet says, what should I copy from my current mac to a new clean install in order to have all my scrivener preferences, templates etc. back?
I think the following:
~/Library/Application support/Scrivener

Anything else?

Here is an article on the topic. Of note:

  • If you are using the Mac App Store version, the Scrivener/Reveal Support Folder in Finder method will be better for finding the application support folder.
  • It’s a better idea to use the “Manage” drop-down menu to back up your preferences to an external file, and then use that same menu to load the prefs file on the second machine. Rather than copying the plist file. Alternatively you can save your settings as a preset with the manage menu. Those are saved into your application support folder. Thus they will be available on the new machine once that is copied over.
  • Don’t forget the scratch pad folder and potentially the backup folder if you moved it.