Restore Autosave?

I searched the forums and couldn’t find a concise answer. I ended up losing a file to a glitch in syncing. I was hoping that it’s possible to restore a previous autosave, or if it just overwrites the whole file each time it saves (like a real save)

Or if it’s lost somewhere in cyberspace for a day or two…

Without further detail on what you are using to disperse your project file about, it’s hard to say what steps you can take to salvage the file. For example, with DropBox you can examine the Project package and restore missing files, or look back a number of iterations and find a copy that isn’t damaged. This can be pretty tricky to do, however, and definitely recommend making a backup of the project before you try (from the File menu).

If you are using some sort of network disk (as I would guess based on your mention of cyberspace), then you should read through this advisory. It describes the safest way to work with these services—and how to avoid situations like this. Basically though, try not to use it to store live project files, but feel plenty free to store your periodic manual backups (again, using the File menu) with the ZIP option enabled, on them.

Chances are, if you have a steady connexion to the service, and there are no pending operations listed in whatever menu or window it provides to monitor these, the missing file is good and gone—unless it has some sort of recovery procedure built in to the service.

As you suspect, Scrivener’s auto save is a bit more like an ordinary save (though it is a bit smarter than just re-saving everything, it only saves the things you have changed, not the entire project).

Yup, I read through the advisory but it was a little too late :frowning:

I’m using mobileme and have a call in to apple tech support to try and recover my lost file. I was just kind of hoping against hope and trying to cover all my bases.

I finally decided to try mobile me and thought it’d be a great way to keep the latest live copy of my work on a central server to access from 3 computers all across the world, boy was I wrong!

It’s definitely an unfortunate setback and one heck of a lesson. It killed six hours of work, or roughly 3000 words from a WIP for a june nano.

Thanks for your response though. Much appreciated…I’m looking forward to Scrivvy 2.0 when I can auto backup :slight_smile:

Yikes, sorry to hear that. Hopefully Apple can scare up something from their backups.

The whole idea of storing things remotely wasn’t really an issue when Scrivener was designed, and it just was never meant to be saved in a place across the globe, there is a lot of back and forth involved and the risk of errors creeps upward the more back and forth there is.

In theory it should be fine to store unzipped projects on a MobileMe disk (or other similar), the only reason I recommend against it in a universal fashion is that it is tempting to just open it and work on it since it is right there. If it is in a zip, that removes the temptation.

But yes, as you say, automatic backups are coming. It won’t solve the above issue, but will be another safety net for sure. Plus you’ll have control over where the backups go—so it would be perfectly feasible to set Scrivener to use your MobileMe disk as the backup target. Since you can set the backup engine to fire off a backup when you quit, you’ll always be certain that the latest copy is available to all computers. Just drag the zip out the local drive and work on it; when you quit again the latest copy will automatically be available for the next computer.

Meanwhile, you can replicate this manually. Red string around the finger. :slight_smile: