Restore from Dropbox?

I’ve checked the Scrivener manual and this forum. Is there really no way to restore an entire SCRIV project (all the files and folders within the SCRIV package) from Dropbox?

I need to restore a project from five days ago. I know Dropbox keeps a 30-day history, but I don’t know how to locate and restore all the individual files (100’s of them) that comprise the project.

I do use the auto-backup feature in Scrivener, but that is on my Mac at home. I am on a trip with with a different Mac, and I have no access to my home Mac, so am trying to restore from Dropbox.


Go into the Dropbox website with your account and navigate to the folder where you keep your Scrivener projects. For me it is Apps\Scrivener. You’ll see your projects listed with .scriv endings (these are folders that contain all of the files for your project, assuming everything is syncing properly).


Check it, then move over to the menu of action items on the right side of the screen and select Download.

I’m using Windows Edge, so my download notification looks like this. NOTE THAT IT HAS A .SCRIV.ZIP extension. This tells me I’m getting a zipped file which contains the folder, sub-folder, and all contained files.


You then extract the project folder from the ZIP file and move it to where you want to work with it. You can see an example of my folder structure (looking inside the ZIP to show the full project folder contents) in the fourth attached file.

Thank you, Devin, for responding. I do know how to download the current version of the SCRIV folder from Dropbox. My issue, which perhaps I did not state clearly, is that I want to download an EARLIER version of the SCRIV file. In my case, I want to download the SCRIV file from, say, 5 days ago. I do not want to download the current version of the SCRIV file.

Do you know if this is possible? Thanks again.

As far as I know Dropbox does not provide the ability to roll back whole directory structures to a previous point in time. It only tracks file and folder level changes individually. Like you say, the alternative is rolling back hundreds of files by hand—and hoping the result is a coherent copy of the project at that point in time. I wouldn’t recommend it unless there is no other choice.

I wonder if it’s the sort of thing their support can help you do though? Maybe they have some internal utility that can roll back a whole folder.

Hi pomme4mois,

I googled restoring DropBox folders, and it seems, as Ioa said, that Dropbox support will likely be able to do this for you. Paid accounts will get faster service than free accounts.

Going forward, if travelling with a different Mac is something you will continue to do, then this is a use case for keeping your zipped backups on a cloud service. If your’re using Dropbox for syncing, then you would have your backups saved to something else. E.g., I use DropBox for syncing and OneDrive for backups.

Sorry, I know that doesn’t help you now!