Restore Screen Splits

When I split the text screen, I end up with one pane above the other. The top pane has a close button (circle-x), and the bottom pane has a full-screen button (grey box)

Both buttons produce the same result: they make the bottom pane fill the text screen.

Shouldn’t one of the buttons make the top pane fill the whole text screen? Did I miss a way to do this?


There has already been a massive thread about this, and you are not alone in thinking this. However, this will not change - at least not in the next year or so. The top or right pane is really the secondary pane, and that is the one that is always closed. There is an option via the View menu to swap the contents of the views before closing the split, however.

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Huh. :confused: I try to search before posting. Dunno how I missed that thread.

Would you consider mapping this functionality to an additional “close button” on the lower/left split pane? It would make for a smoother user experience.

Thanks for considering it.