Restoring auto-saved data

I’ve been using the Windows beta for a couple of weeks now without encountering any problems.

However, after having written two paragraphs of text without manually saving my work, Scrivener crashed because I had accidentally pressed Strg + A in the binder instead of the current document I wanted to mark. I restarted Scrivener and was shocked to see my work of more than an hour gone. I had a look at the directory Scrivener saves my current project to and found no documents whose date corresponds with the time shortly before the crash. I only came across files with names like “binder.autosave”. So I’m wondering if there is a way to restore what I had written before Scrivener crashed since the auto-save feature would be completely worthless otherwise.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Oh no - me too! Only, I just lost days worth of work. I even hit the save button only minutes before the crash. But now, when I open it up, the new work is gone. I think I’m going to throw up.
–Update –
All I did was hit the backspace key at the wrong time I think cause it just did it again.

Which version are you using? It sounds like a bug from version 0.22 which has been addressed in the new 0.23: some people in this thread have given some advice how lost data could potentially be recovered:
Good luck!