Restoring files

I have just tried to access scrivener on my computer. I haven’t used it since 2019. I can’t access or restore any files. Please help or direct me to where I can get help. Thank you.

With the information provided, little we can help with.

: Exactly (steps) how are you trying to access the files? Scrivener? Windows Explorer? On a backup drive?

: Where do you think the Scrivener project files used to be? What is your expectation?

: what are the exact error messages the computer is giving you thrown by what application?

Thanks for getting back to me. Apologies for not sending more info. I wasn’t even sure what question to ask. I feel like I need to sit with some one to learn more for this, though will try again with my questions. I really appreciate your time over this. Thank you.

So when I open Scrivener, nothing shows up. No past writings or projects. When I go in and search in my computer I ended up finding some of them. They open as word documents. I can’t access them in Scrivener. I thought things were stored in my dropbox, though nothing is showing up there. The messages that were popping up when I first posted my msg aren’t showing up anymore, so I can’t say what they were.

If stored in dropbox and stored as zipfile to save space, will not be able to open by scrivener without extracting the files. right click on dropbox project files and choose extract all and extract to easy to find folder (like on desktop Scrivener extract folder) and then should be able to do with scrivener file>open and navigate to scriv file and open. if before scrivener 3 would be converted and opened. See if helps. Also look at backup in options and will see as below in file

Scrivener stores projects in a folder, and beneath that folder are all the files and a lot of other Scriver-specific stuff. Don’t mess with those files. You are looking for a folder wherever you put your projects. If you put them in a Dropbox folder, look there. Dropbox over the years has changed how to segregate offline and online folders for synching. So maybe the files are on Dropbox’s server still? Look on their web site login to see.

If you are looking for Scrivener backups (stored as zip files as explained by @GoalieDad then you are looking for those zip files. Start by looking where you put those backups, if you made any.

Last resort, perhaps your system backup has these Scrivener folders and files from that far back available to you? Can look there.

Scrivener doesn’t show these projects in the “recent” file list as it has “forgotten” about them and no longer remembers the old projects. Doesn’t mean they aren’t somewhere, but you’ll have to find (with Windows Explorer) the project folders yourself.

Good luck.

Thanks so much for taking the time to pass all this info on and your well wishes. I will look into this all and see what I can figure out! All the best and many thanks again …