Restoring Interactive Tutorial

Dear all,

I have accidentally deleted interactive tutorial and I cannot get it back. I deleted Scrivener and re-installed it, but unfortunately interactive tutorial doesn’t come back.
I am trying to build my academic workflow and scrivener is my number one for writing app. I would like to get involved but in the absence of a tutorial, it becomes difficult to discover.
Thanks in advance for your help.


The tutorial is going to be a file on your hard drive, maybe somewhere in the Documents folder. Do you recall what you named it? You could search for that project in the Finder and double-click on that to get it started again.

If all else fails, try creating a new one from the template chooser window, or from Help->Interactive Tutorial.

Dear Robert,

Thank you for your reply, but I still can’t resolve the issue. I have tried both of your suggestions. I think I did not clearly explained the situation.
I have deleted the most of the tutorial contents. There is, now, only ‘Part 1, Basics’, I deleted rest of them and I did not come back when I find the original tutorial document. I also tried to delete scrivener and re installed it, but still most part of the tutorial is missing. Maybe I need to download it, but I cannot find it in the website.

Reinstalling Scrivener won’t change anything. As mentioned, the tutorial, like all of the work you will be doing in Scrivener, is stored as files on your computer. Think if like your .docx files. Reinstalling Word would do nothing to those files, and to reset a file you would not delete its contents, but delete the file and restore it from the original location. If you are not sure of where you chose to save the tutorial, then with it open you can hold down the Command key and click on the title bar at the very top of the window, up by the “traffic light” buttons. This will open a menu showing you the path of the current file (this is a trick that works with most Mac programs that are file-based). Select the folder immediately below the tutorial line and you’ll be presented with a Finder window, with the tutorial project file highlighted. Close the tutorial, and then drag the tutorial icon to the trash.

Now you can use the Help menu to create a fresh new copy.

thank you all,
I have finally understood the logic of the scrivener and resolved problems.

:frowning: The answer given is totally inadequate. First of all, not all users are Mac people. Your answer is worthless for a Windows user. Second, if a file has been deleted and the recycle bin has been emptied, that file does not exist anymore. Thirdly, I think it is poor policy not to have a downloadable tutorial available. All you would need is the product key from the original sale to verify the user’s identity. Fourthly, have you ever had a PC crash? I was able to retrieve the Scrivener basic program, but the tutorial was lost, inextricably. I cannot follow the logic of how Scrivener wants me to save(???) a tutorial file I don’t have.

No, it’s not. A clean copy of the tutorial files are included in the Scrivener installation. When you create a new tutorial, Scrivener is simply creating a copy of those files for you in your designated location. If you’ve deleted content out of that tutorial copy, simply open a new project and create a new tutorial copy.

If you are unable to create a new copy of the tutorial, simply re-install Scrivener.

The question was asked in the Mac forum, not the Windows forum

But as Devinganger says, it works the same way in Windows.