Restoring my project from Time Machine

Hi dear forum, I encountered a problem.

  1. Worked on a project for 4 days without a backup (had automatic backup turned on, but none of the enabled rules took action, since I didnt close/open the project or hit manual save etc.). Also the project was constantly open during those 4 days and I neever closed/reopned it.

  2. Than during making edits on the 4th day Scrivener crashed. I reopened the project and found out that the page I was eiditng directly before the crash was gone. Now my fear is, whether the edits of the last 3 days are also gone.

  3. So I want to check the state of my project from the 3rd day / before the crash. Can I be sure that when I take the project file from time machine that it will have the state of the project before the crash? I checked it and it says in the file metadate, when it was last edited (can I really trust on that)?

Would be happy for an answer, whether Time machine backups are suitable for restoring projects. Thanks!

Where are the comments to this post from the old forum? It seems like they disappeared!

Yes, the backups that TimeMachine makes will work just fine. Enter TimeMachine from System Preferences, locate your file from the desired date/time, then click restore.

I suggest restoring it to your Desktop, so that you retain the “bad” one in its original location and the restored one in a separate location. You can delete one later once you confirm which one is correct.

Bakcups from Time Machine work fine. However I dont have a 100% guaranty, that they containt all the data fromt he time fo backing up, as the support once told me, that time machine backups are not 100% optimal…

Better than losing everything.