Restoring old .scriv file via DropBox "version history" not working?

Hi, I accidentally deleted the wrong style, which wreaked havoc throughout my scriv file. However, I had the file connected to DropBox, what has a version history feature. Unfortunately, when I ask it to restore the scriv file, the style change still did not revert back, nor did anything else. Any idea what I should do? I included two screen shots of what DropBox is showing me.


Think of the .scrivx file as the brains of your project. Among other things, it contains your binder. It may also contain your stylesheet, but my complete and utter guess is that it does not, and that your stylesheet is stored within some other file in your project folder. Please note that the .scrvx file does not contain your actual writing.

If I were you, before I started restoring older versions of files willy nilly from Dropbox, I’d be really careful to make a backup of my project beforehand. Better yet, I’d do any experimenting on a copy of my project. Because you can easily make this situation worse. If you screw up your .scrivx file, it would make you far more unhappy than you currently are.


What Jim said. Be VERY careful poking around in the guts of your projects. You can easily make things much worse than a mere formatting issue.

With that caveat, you will find the project stylesheet in Project/Files/styles.xml.

This would also be an excellent time to figure out why you don’t have a better backup. Make sure that the options in the Scrivener -> Preferences -> Backups pane match the way you work: if you never close Scrivener, a backup that only runs when the project closes won’t help much.

It would also be a good idea to have a Time Machine external backup, an offsite backup with a service like BackBlaze, or (preferably) both. Please do not rely on Dropbox as your only backup for critical files.


What Jim and Katherine said. The reason why this is so potentially dangerous for you is that a Scrivener project (not a Scrivener file) is a collection of many folders and files together. Some of those files contain the documents you have in your Scrivener project, while others contain metadata. The MyProject.scriv folder you see is the top-level container (what gets shown on the Mac as the package) for the rest of the files that make up the project and is how Mac users associate their projects with the Windows app. The MyProject.scrivx is the master index file inside that .scriv folder, and is also how Windows users associate their projects with the Scrivener app. But all the rest of folders and files are important too.

Dropbox, of course, has NO CLUE how a Scrivener project is assembled. It keeps individual versions of each of those component files and folders. So you could very easily bring back versions of your project’s component files that don’t match each other or the rest of the project, causing all kinds of corruption.