Restoring Problem

Hello Forums,

I lost power this morning. Upon power restore, I opened up Scriv again and all of my recent changes are gone. In fact, it opened up a document that was about 18 days old. All of my work in the last 18 days are gone.

I can’t open any of the BackUp zips; they all show up as empty inside with no content.

Can anyone tell me how I can do some restore? I’m going nuts here.

I’ve set Scriv to auto-save every 60 seconds and backup 25 times.

My MOST RECENT ZIP Backup is 4 days old. Even being able to restore that would be a godsend.


I’m so sorry about your power outage! A couple things to try:

First, copy all the backups for this project from the backup folder and paste them somewhere else to work on–this way, as you’re opening things and so on, you won’t accidentally trash or overwrite a backup that you may need. To extract the contents of the zips, either right-click on the file and choose the “Extract” or “Extract All” option or double-click the zip and then drag the folder inside to another location. Make sure you’re using the built-in Windows archive tool rather than a third-party program. 7-zip particularly will result in 0-byte files after extraction, so it’s possible the problem you’re seeing with the backups stems from the extraction method you were using.

It’s also worth double-checking your drive for multiple copies of your project. If you’ve used “Save As” to create a new version of a project or have made copies via Windows Explorer, you may be opening the wrong copy of the project accidentally now, particularly if you used the Recent Projects menu or Scrivener automatically opened the project when the program started. Try using the Windows search tool from the Start menu to look for “.scriv” and then look through the project folders that come up. You can right-click go get the properties of any of the folders to see the full file path to where it’s stored.

Finally, you can also try using the Windows search to look for specific text that’s missing. If you’re missing entire documents from the project, it may be that they’re simply not being indexed in the project because that file got hit when the computer shut down. If they come up in the search, we can work on restoring them into the project.

Also, one quick note on this: that setting is actually an idle timer, not a chronological timer. That’s how long Scrivener will wait to start saving the project after you pause working. The original default is set to 2 seconds. That means that if you look out the window for a few seconds to gather your thoughts, the project saves. With a sixty second timer, it is possible your project is not saving very often at all. That’s a long time for nothing to be happening, and so is probably only catching times when you’ve switch to other programs to do something else for a while or take a coffee break.