reStructuredText in addition to Markdown?


would it be possible to add support for reStructuredText in the same way Scrivener supports Markdown today? E.g. compiling the edited reST document using docutils (where MultiMarkdown is used in the background)?

Some details about reST can be found here:

Though the wikipedia article mentions reST in the context of Python, this is only true for its origin. reST can be used the same way MD can be used to write all kinds of documents, although it features a much richer syntax and more options to compile the source document into LaTeX, HTML etc.

One of the most common post-processors is Sphinx, which builds on top of docutils to “tune” the output even more: … _generator

Would be great if you could have a look into reST.


There are no plans for adding additional markup languages to Scrivener, but generally speaking this is not hard to do yourself, especially with formats intended to be human read/write friendly. Scrivener at its most basic is a tool for taking text in small chunks and putting that all together into a single document when you compile, but there are quite a few things you can do to make that nicer—even reproducing much of what MultiMarkdown does. In conjunction with the plain-text compile output format, that means you can construct whatever type of document you wish to. You could create HTML, XML, LaTeX, reST, YAML, even source code could be written in Scrivener and exported to say, a .py file.

Beyond that basic tip, you can override the post-processor Scrivener uses to do essentially anything UNIX can do.

You may also find these tips for using the compiler to generate some syntax useful. You could create a pretty decent reST template, I suspect. It’s not all-powerful, you will come across limitations, but most of those will be going away in the long-term future. I’d say all of this will become easier as the software continues to evolve.