My iPhone 6S died and Apple kindly provided me with a new one. So far so good. Question is, should I delete Scrivener and start over so as not to mess up dropbox synchronization or is there a better approach? I am carefully using it with several projects synchronized between my iPad Pro, Mac laptop, and iPhone. Using dropbox for everything. Currently, only the phone is out of sync although it doesn’t know it because it’s brand new.

Don’t open the Scrivener app on the new phone yet.

Open the Dropbox app first. Make sure it has fully synchronized the changes down.

Then open Scrivener. I personally would remove and recreate the Dropbox link at that point.

Should be good to go after that.

Before you do anything, make sure you have a current backup of all projects that are stored on the iPhone. (Probably doing this via the Mac is easiest.)

It shouldn’t matter. You shouldn’t need them. The iPhone should bring itself up to date and happily rejoin your ecosystem without any problems.

But backups are cheap insurance in case something goes wrong.


Thanks to both of you. I miss these responses until just now. I had already opened my iPhone app but did not attempt to access any files. I will make sure that I synchronize and get it back up from my laptop using Scrivener and then resynchronize. There’s quite a bit there and I would hate to lose it. That’s an understatement.