Retain Backup Files

I instruct the “Retain Backup Files” to retain only 5 backups. However the backup folder keeps adding backups ad infinitum. It accumulates so many backups that it gets to be extremely annoying and cumbersome. Is this a glitch in the software? Or can the problem be corrected?
Appreciate your input.


The backups are per project and based on the name of the project. If you’ve changed a project’s name (i.e. changed the name of its .scriv folder) then it will start a new set of backups and won’t replace the older ones of that project under a different name. Might that be what happened?

Probably… I changed several times the folder where backups are retained. Also the name of the project. I really must have goofed. Now, if I keep everything as is at this moment, how will I begin to see only my 3 latest backups?


So long as your project doesn’t change names again, once it hits three backups, the fourth backup will replace the oldest of those three. Older backups of different names won’t be affected, so if you don’t want them you’ll need to just manually trash them.

For example, if your backup folder is “Scriv Backups” and you have projects A and B, you might get this in the backups folder:

Then if you change the name of project A to project AA, it will start making backups and you’ll have

Eventually you’ll get three backups of AA and then your next one will replace the oldest, so you’ll only ever have three AA backups. But the A backups will still remain, since Scrivener doesn’t identify them as belonging to the same queue as AA.