Retain Binder Structure with External Folder Sync

Is it possible to retain the binder structure using external folder sync? Let’s say i’m syncing my project with a dropbox folder, in plain text. My binder has folders (eg. chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, etc.) These folders are being synced with dropbox as plaintext files, which can be somewhat confusing (I keep seeing a file called “Needs Work,” and I’m like, “huh, i don’t remember writing a file called needs work.” :slight_smile: ) anyway, is there a way to have these folders create actual folders in the dropbox folder, then sync the plain text within these folders? Thank you very much for any help.

p.s. it is things like this that make me chomp the bit for the iOS version of Scrivener.


No, there’s no way to do this - it’s not really technically possible. Although Scrivener’s binder looks, superficially, like a Finder folder structure, it acts very differently. Each folder is equally a text file, text files can contain other files, and it can be ordered arbitrarily. There’s no way to map it onto a file system folder structure dynamically (allowing for sync between the two - exporting is possible because it’s one way only).

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Thank you for your response. Like I said, can’t wait for an iOS version to come along and make all of these discussions obsolete.

Well, using Folder Sync to enable your iOS mobile device to access project data is only one usage of this feature. This feature will have a lot of mileage even after one particular brand of telephone and tablet are addressed. :slight_smile:

Granted. Perhaps I should have said, “make my discussions obsolete.”