Retain blank spaces after compile

Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to insert a blank line between paragraphs of text. After compiling, Scrivener is adding a hashtag (section separator), but I’d like to retain a blank space, since these paragraphs are all within the same section. (For example, a section includes a newspaper article, and I’d like a blank line before and after it, within the same section.) How can I stop it from adding the hashtag? Thank you!

There is more than one approach you could use here, but first let me ask what Compile Format you are using.

Thanks, I’m using Manuscript Times…After writing this I actually managed to fool around with the settings a bit to get the blank space (I honestly don’t even remember how I did it!) but now I have a hashtag after the Chapter Number instead. Can you help me get rid of that? So again, I have hashtag as a section separator, and was able to remove the hashtag within sections when I have a blank paragraph return, but now have that # after the Chapter Number. Thank you!

There are things you could do with how you are working in your manuscript that would suppress these #s, but it sounds like you just generally don’t want them ever and so it is probably best that you edit (a copy of) the Manuscript (Times) format to just create a variant compile format that does not insert those hash marks.

When you edit the compile setting, the place to look for the offending #s is under Separators.

In the image, you see I am editing a copy of the Manuscript compile format, and am editing its settings which control compiling to docx format (choose whatever is your target format), and have clicked on the Separators vtab.

From your description it sounds like the setting that is bugging you most is the Blank Line Separator setting. Pretty much all of the Section Layouts I circled in the image have that set to #. You can simply delete the hash tag in that field for any of the section layouts you use (or in the unlikely event that isn’t quite right, putting a space character there should do it!). Some of the section layouts also specify a hash mark as the desired Separator between sections. You may or may not want that.

So, the reason this is where we are making a change is derived from the basic workflow of Compile. Documents (and folders) in your Binder are assigned to a Section Type. Each sectioin type is assigned to a Section Layout (in the central panel of the main Compile dialog), and how each of those Section Layout options looks is determined by the settings on the editing sheet shown in the image. Programmatically controlled separators in particular are controlled under the Separators vtab.


Thank you so much for your detailed response! This is very helpful in starting to understand. Unfortunately though, this didn’t work for me…(I’m not using Chapters with titles, though, so had to make the change under Chapter instead.) It was initially set to “Use default separators,” and I changed all the fields to a blank space.

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I gather this then fixed things up. Glad you got it sorted!


Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant that I only use Chapter Headings, and Chapter Title is grayed out, so I couldn’t follow your example exactly. SoI have Chapter Heading set up as above, with a blank space in each of the fields, but am still getting a hashtag directly below the chapter. :frowning:

Check the Titled Section and Section Text layouts, too.

Okay, it worked! The issue was in Section Text, a hashtag in the field for a separator before sections…which I guess makes some sense, since the beginning of a chapter is the beginning of a section!

Thank you so much for all your help in helping me get this figured out!

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