Retain cursor in position when toggling to Split mode and back

First of all - I LOVE scrivener. thank you very much for developing it.

I have a small issue which I think might be easily amended and is probably shared by others.

When toggling between split and non-split mode (to consult a different section, for example), the the cursor in the original, unsplit window jumps immediately to the top. If you’re working on a longish text, and/or you’ve split the screen in search of a quote, this then requires that you go an retrieve your previous position.

This can be avoided by using the quick reference, I’m aware. but sometimes you want to you that other splitted part for several sections, or to browse between them. Besides, I think jumping up on your working document is easier than retrieving your position. And I have a feeling I’m not alone in preferring to find the cursor where I left it.

Thanks for reading and your consideration. it’s nice to think that I might have improved Scrivener.

Hi! Thanks for the kind words.

Could you provide more details of the steps you’re taking that demonstrate this? Splitting the main editor, either horizontally or vertically. shouldn’t change the cursor position in the current document at all, nor am I getting that behaviour when testing this. The caret position is also remembered for the document in the second editor after closing and reopening it there. So I think I may be misunderstanding what you’re describing. In general, though, Scrivener tries to retain the caret position for each document even though closing and reopening the program, so I certainly agree that jumping to the top of the document when opening a split would not be the desired behaviour,

Hi Mouton!
sorry for not responding, I didn’t get a notification and found ways around this.
I think you’re right, and I actually made the mistake of not putting the curser. Say you have a text that’s a bit longer, so that you need to scroll down to see all of it. Let’s call that text “SCROLLER”. Let’s say you’ve scrolled down SCROLLER to read or write anything in it, And then went to consult another text. When you come back to SCROLLER, it will open at the top of the text, and not in the place where you left it.

But I see now that if you click to put the cursor in the place, the text does, in fact, open where you left it.

thanks for the response!!!


Ah yes, the scroll position of an editor isn’t saved, so if the cursor had been left at the top, that would cause the jump. It sounds like you’ve got it working the way you want it now, though, so that’s good news. :slight_smile: