retain misspelled words

Hi, I have a letter filled with misspelled words that needs to retain these misspellings in a manuscript.
Is there some code that I can use to stop the spell checker or do I have to add these spelling errors into the dictionary? How does Stephen King do it?

The letter is written by an uneducated man in 1903. The errors are true to this character.

I just talked to Stephen, he adds them to the dictionary :laughing:

Another way would be to write the section with deliberate misspellings in a separate document, and merely have placeholders in the text so you can check the bulk of the document, and then replace the “incorrect” text later.

Can’t you just use the ‘Ignore All’ tab?

As with dialect, be cautious with this. You want enough misspellings to show the man’s character, but not so many that it becomes difficult for modern readers to understand.


I Don’t have a fully formed solution in mind, but I use a program called PhraseXpress to do common substitutions (and especially correct Italian words that the Google Italian Dictionary doesn’t catch or corrects wrongly.
In using that I learned to create shortcuts using symbols like * or ^ that are normally not used in regular writing.

So if I want to write down my address, I’ll type “addy*” (without the quotes) and PE will type out my street address, city, zip, etc.

Maybe you could use something like this in the compiling step (if that’s available in scrivener) or you could add the * or even () to all the misspellings and save that to the custom dictionary.
Right before you compile the book you search and replace (
) for nothing, but in the meantime your custom dictionary will have misspelled words looking like this:

Correct word: Going To
Misspelled word: Gonna() or gonna or gonna
Added to custom dictionary: Gonna(
) or gonna* or *gonna

Which would be easy to find and delete once you are done with the project.

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