Retaining comments when importing an edited Word doc to Scrivener.

I’m looking for a way to import a Word doc with comments to Scrivener (Draft folder) in a way that the comments are also imported into the comments section of Scrivener (instead of appearing as bubbles in the actual imported doc. I’ve been transferring comments by hands…but by now the editing process is getting to a point that this approach has become extremely time consuming…Does anyone have an effective solution to this problem? Many thanks!

I’m not sure how to make that happen, but I assume there’s something in the settings that could affect it.

Or you could try the menu Edit->Transformations->Inline Annotations to Inspector Comments, which should get you to the end result.

There is an option for whether comments should be imported as inline or inspector notes: in the Sharing: Import preference tab, the first two checkboxes under Rich Text govern import behaviour.

Thank you very much Rdale and AmberV! It was just a matter of the import/export settings under Preferences. I wasted so many hours before… Thank you! Thank you!

Does that mean if you do not check Import comments as inline annotations, they will default import into the inspector comments panel?