Retaining formatting with manuscript compilation?

I want to compile from Scrivener into Word while using a manuscript format BUT retaining my original formatting, particularly italics.

If I compile as “original,” I retain my original formatting (specifically the important italics). But if I compile in a manuscript format I lose the italics.

Please advise. I want to compile from Scrivener into Word but I want to do so in manuscript format while retaining my italics (at a minimum).

Thank you

Take a look at your compile format, in particular the Rich Text Conversions options (as discussed in 23.10.2 of the manual):

Convert italics to underlines If the submission process requires underscoring to be
used instead of italics, this feature will let you write in italics but produce a properly
underscored manuscript.

I am willing to bet that in your compile format, this option is checked.

Well, now I feel stupid :slight_smile:

You sent me in the right direction. I had NO idea that the little blue arrow in the compile window opened up a bunch of compile options :slight_smile:

Darwinism at play :frowning:

Thank you very much

No, you shouldn’t! It’s a complex program. I’ve been using it for ~10 years and I’m still learning things about it.