Retaining internal links when compiling for .mobi (Kindle)

So, after a lot of headaches I got my first book done in Scrivener and I was happy with the end result because Scrivener is so great for moving things around, tracking research, etc.

I started on my second book while the first is with an editor and what i wanted to do seemed very simple. I wanted to make a link from some text in Chapter Two and have it go to a Chapter that has a list of terminology. This is for readers and it functions great when I test the Scrivener link in my project file. I’m well into the book, happy with where it is, so I compiled it to mobi to have a read on Kindle. The internal links are now dead. I tried compiling to epub to see if it was a mobi problem, but it isn’t.

I searched high and low thinking this would be an easy fix and I found this forum post:

So the OP says, my problem is easily fixable in the Mac version of Scrivener where you can check a box that tells it to preserve the Scrivener links on compile. I don’t have access to a Mac though I now own 3 copies of Windows Scrivener. (Bought a copy for each of my collaboration partners.) Please don’t tell me there is no workaround for this when it seems like such a simple issue. What can I do to get my internal links to work in .mobi or at least .epub for conversion to .mobi? I’m not ashamed to beg, I really need this to work. :frowning:

Next Day Update: I still haven’t found a solution for this that I understand how to do, but I had ideas that might be something to build on. I’m OK to compile to something other than .mobi if it’s a simple step to recompile for Kindle later. I’m trying to avoid anything that takes a LOT of steps that make it better to abandon Scrivener. I’m a beginner at HTML but I understand how to make a reference to an anchor somewhere else on a web page. I saw evidence in the other linked post that I might be able to insert an HTML anchor in my Scrivener text and then use text elsewhere to link to that anchor. My tests haven’t worked though. I’ve read so many books on Kindle that have internal links, I just know this has to be workable somehow. Ideas?

I am searching for the answer to this same issue. My book project has footnotes, and within the footnote I need to link to several different references. I’m running into walls both ways: if I convert the footnotes into text documents to which I link, the link dies on compilation, and then the link within the “footnote” (planning to make the references text documents) dies, too.

Please tell me there is an easy way to maintain links. Like many others I need to compile for .mobi, and if the “solution” involves exporting to other programs for editing I may as well have just done all my editing in those programs originally. I’ve poured hours into getting the document this far in Scrivener. Help us bridge this last gap!