Retaining Italics in Compile

Okay, the new software is fine. Except for setting up templates which is a total mystery and for defining compile settings which is worse.
For example:
I’ve struggled for the last hour to find some way to retain italics in the compiled word document. Total fail. Can someone assist?
Thanks in advance.

I am having the same problem. Does anyone know the answer? I’ve tried the “preserve formatting” option in the “Format” menu and several different compile templates and options, but everytime I compile to Ms Word, Scrivener simply removes all my italics (leaving the text roman), and ignores my heading styles (rendering them in Courier!). Same thing happens when I try to print.

I would be hugely grateful if someone could give me a clue as to what I’m doing wrong.

What compile preset are you using? “Modern”, “Manuscript (Courier)”, etc…?

Also, are you leaving the majority of your body text un-styled (aka: “No Style”), including the italicized text? If you’re creating your own body style and applying it to your text, did you create it with “Formatting: Save all formatting”, “Save Paragraph Style”, or “Save Character Attributes”. If I’m not mistaken, “Save all formatting” means that on output, Scrivener will normalize all text to the defined character style (which is probably not italic or bold) as well as preserving paragraph styling (line height, first line indent, paragraph spacing, etc…)