Retaining italics when changing text to a style eg:body

Hi folks.
I’m still undecided how much formatting of my thesis to do within scrivener and how much to leave till I compile (currently using scannable cites from zotero so going into open office - but expect to end up in word), but I do know that I need my italics (booknames etc) to stay italicised!

Quite often though, because of cutting and pasting, I have different fonts going on in front of me, so I will format the paragraph to ‘body’ and I lose my italics. This stresses me, especially the thought I may not notice a change. Is the answer to use markdown? Will that work if I export to .odt and not to markdown style?

Any thoughts, ideas appreciated.

Define your own style. When doing so, you get a list of parameters to include in the style. You can choose the ones that leave bold and italics alone.

– asotir

Also consider using the Documents/Convert/Convert Formatting to Default Text Style menu command, instead of presets. Unlike presets, this command will attempt to preserve various inline attributes no matter how extensive the formatting changes otherwise—and it also has additional options for exclusions that may be of use to you.

Many thanks Asotir and AmberV. That’s very useful.

One more question Asotir, I can find many option under the Format/Formating menus, including new preset from selection, but none of the options seem to give me the list of parameters you’re talking about. I can’t find it when I go from preferences/formatting either. Am I missing something?


OK, here is how I would do it:

  1. format a paragraph the way you want it, including white space above and/or below, indents, font, and so forth.
  2. under the Format - Formatting, click on New Preset from Selection
  3. you will get a dialogue box. There is a dropdown inside the box that likely is set to Save All Formatting but you can change that to Save Character Attributes or Save Paragraph Style
  • what you likely want is Save Paragraph Style; this keeps the indents and white space but does not mess with bold or italics.

Note also that instead of New Preset from Selection, you could also have chosen Redefine Preset from Selection, so that you can change one of the built-in presets to fit what you want.

The Manual is very good in general, I don’t know the section or page numbers, but if you look you will likely find much better explanations there.

Also, you can duplicate a sample text file as a playground and experiment with all this until you get just what you want and know just how to proceed. (In this, you are better served by creating new presets of your own rather than possibly messing up one of the defaults - but when you find the magic formula, you can then go ahead and redefine the defaults; this keeps the presets dropdown menu shorter and cleaner.)

hth - asotir

Many thanks. I’m sure the manual is very good! I’ll download it to my ipad now and give it a good read! Your explanation is perfectly clear though. Thanks.