Retaining Markdown formatting when importing to Scrivener 3?


I want to retain Markdown formatting when I import a text file into Scrivener 3.
Scrivener 3 recognizes the different levels of the document (the ##s) and splits the sections accordingly, but it does not recognize things like italics (xxx) and the like.
Also, I cannot change the “straight” quotation marks to typographic ones.
Any and all help is much appreciated!

Thanks, Andreas (massively enjoying the Scrivener 3 experience!)

Hm, the markdown is retained on import just fine (I just tested it and it works here), I think what you mean is you want Scrivener to convert markdown formatting to styled text?

Neither Scrivener 2 or 3 does that on import AFAIK. If you have lots of styling you could try to use Pandoc to first convert markdown to RTF, then import the RTF?

Thanks - and you are right, I was imprecise: I want the Markdown to be converted to rtf!
And I will try to do what you suggested. One step more, but probably worth it!


Hmm, this is not something that has ever come up before, but Scrivener 3 now contains code that does a pretty good job of converting Markdown to rich text, so I could add an option to the “Import & Split” settings for this in the future.

Ha, I was going to mention the new super-duper markdown⬄rtf doodad in S3, but thought it would be too much of a shiny wishlist item for so soon after S3 :smiley:

How wonderful! Yes, please do. I have various things that I draft here and there in Markdown format; if they could be imported into Scrivener with ease that would be really great!

Best, Andreas