retrieve a piece of writing without snapshot

Hi, I’m sorry to bug you but I’m a total newbie and I guess I’m a bit lost. So the thing is I had a very ancient snapshot of a project I’m writing on. Today I just opened my file and it was like usual (around 30pages long) though I accidentally rolled back this very old copy without saving the one I worked on normally. Please, tell me that there is a possibility of retrieving the piece of writing I had when I opened my file today.
Thanks in advance. TW.

Look in Preferences > Backup.

If you have got backups turned on, you should be able to retrieve earlier versions of your work.

I do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hi … I have a related question. I have just inadvertently binned the work i am currently doing … I have the backup function on but have no idea as to how i get the document back in front of me in the binder … hope you can help …


Alan, welcome to the Forum.

Section 7.8.4 of the Scrivener Manual, Restoring from Backups (pages 66/67 in my version), to be found under the Help menu, is what you need.