Retrieve a previous version of file on IPAD?

I lost some text. I acidentallty cut the text from a doc in the Draft folder of a project and then accidentally synced the doc. I tried to paste the cut text in a different project and the text wasn’t there. Can I retrieve an earlier version of the source file? And what happened to my cut text?

I work on an IPAD mini and sync with my Iphone 6S.

Thanks ,

Your only chance is if there is a previous version in your Dropbox folder, but trying to search the project folder from the Files app is not that easy. So my guess is that it’s lost.

The cut text probably disappeared when you invoked the sync procedure. In iOS the working memory is often emptied to make room for the next text.

Thank you. It was much easier to deal with these types of issues on computer (Mac), no?

Yes, as I wrote, on a Mac you can do it. Use Finder.

Have you tried logging in to and seeing if it has got an earlier version of the project? … rsions#web

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