Retrieve deleted text document

I’m really finding Scrivener useful.
I just inadvertently deleted a text document in the binder. Is there any way of retrieving it? I tried ‘undo’, but it’s greyed out.

Very bizarrely, someone just asked exactly the same question somewhere else. Did I forget to put this in the tutorial? I can’t remember. Anyway, there is a Trash icon in the binder. When you hit delete, your deleted documents just get moved to the Trash folder. So if you want to retrieve them, you just drag them back out. Nothing gets deleted permanently until you choose to “Empty Trash”.
Hope that helps,

Hi roger

Have you looked in the ‘trash’ folder for your project? It should be towards the bottom of the binder.

lol …and there was a question I could actually answer :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry! it is in the tutorial, now that I have checked :unamused:
Also blindingly obvious!
Thanks for a great program


No problem - glad you found your documents. :slight_smile:

Merry 1000th post, Keith!