Retrieving data

Hello! I know this question is a long shot but I wanted to ask anyway in case the answer is yes.

Christmas morning, I woke up to discover I’d been robbed. My computer, and therefore Scrivener and every note and document I had on the program, were gone.

Is there any way I can recover the data? I.e., does L&L store data on an external server somewhere such that I can get a new computer and download what I created? Or, if my computer is indeed lost forever, am I screwed?

If you were using DropBox or some other sync service, or had a cloud backup service, or an external hard drive for backups that did not get taken, you can recover your data from those

In the case of a cloud sync service I would hurry to do so before whoever stole your computer unwittingly causes changes to the hard drive that screws up your synced data!

There is nothing within Scrivener itself that syncs data back to an L&L server.

If you use any cloud service at all, use the web access to disable your stolen computer’s access to your account. If the service allows you to remotely wipe the stolen computer, do so. Change your email password(s) and the passwords for any bank or credit card accounts that you access remotely. Do that now, before you read the rest of this note.

No, L&L does not have access to your data and cannot recover it for you. As devinganger suggested, though, a Dropbox, One Drive, or similar account might be able to.