Retrieving earlier versions of work

I had updated and ongoing piece of work by adding a chapter and saved it in dropbox on a laptop with no internet connection at the time.
I then accessed the same project on a desktop. This did not have the updated version. I realised and on exit, the un updated version was saved as the most upto date version.
When my laptop got connection, it synced and saved the un updated version and I have lost my chapter.

Round about way of asking if there is a way to get to an older version of my project which will have my chapter in there.
Many thanks.

Hi, BarefootBeginner, and welcome to the forum!

By the sequence of events you describe it’s very likely your missing chapter is still there, since it ahould have made DropBox to detect a conflict.

I suggest you to do the following:

  1. Make a full backup of your project folder within windows (not Scrivener)
  2. Look into your project’s Files/Docs folder for any file with extension rtf and “conflicted copy” on its name, and check its contents. Also, sort the files by modification date within Windows Explorer and open the most recent ones. Hopefully you’ll find you missing chapter that way. Keep the file open with Wordpad (or the rtf editor of your choice).
  3. Start Scrivener and open the project, then copy&paste the recovered text wherever you want.
  4. After that, you may safely remove the “conflicted copy” file.

Also, this article may be of use: … c-services

Hope this helps!