Retrieving embedded images!!!!

I’m a big fan of embedding images in the “synopsis” field (under “notes”) so that I can visually get a sense of characters and locations when on the corkboard setting in the binder. However, sometimes I want to “zoom in” on the photo larger than the corkboard allows. Is there any way to do this (Copy>paste into larger doc, open with photo editing program, etc.)?

Thus far I’ve been saving (in a Windows folder) a full-size copy of each photo I embed, but it’s kind of a pain to take that extra step and have to keep track of additional photos–specifically when one of the best parts of Scrivener is the ability to have everything (research, character notes, inspiration photos, writing drafts) in one place.

Yeah there are two ways of doing this, both involve dragging the synopsis image from the Inspector:

  • Drop into the binder, corkboard or outliner views: “import” the image as a normal binder resources. You can view it full size, give it its own metadata, it’s own image synopsis even, etc.
  • Drop into an editor header bar: this sounds more like what you want in that it doesn’t make a new file anywhere, it just views the one that is embedded.

P.S. It says you’re a Mac users in your forum tag, and you’re posting in the Mac tech support section, but you made reference to “Windows folder”, so if you are in fact on Windows: none of this has been implemented in the beta yet, sorry to say—but both methods are of course on the to-do list.