Retrieving lost chapter


I accidentally deleted a chapter while trying to move it somewhere else. Scrivener autosaves, is there any way to retrieve it? I now know, it is best to back it up and I have with it now but I’m still missing that chapter which took me a long time to write.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Don’t panic.

Look in the TRASH file at the bottom of the Binder.

It should be there.

Drag it to where you want it.

Back it up ASAP.

If it is not there it simply may have dropped inside another folder in the drag process. Put the folder/file name into Spotlight and let it find it for you.

When all is OK go to SEARCH at the top of this page and enter the word TRASH. You will discover that Keith and Amber have given this a lot space and attention lately. Their posts are really worth reading.

All the best.


That was the first place I checked which is why I’m baffled. But, thanks for replying.

I’ve learnt the hard way that backing up is a must. :confused:

ETA: I was snarky but I decided to check again. Well… D’oh moment here. When I clicked on trash, I didn’t click on the arrow so obviously there was nothing in trash so I clicked on it and there it was. Please forgive my blonde moment and thanks. I love your avie BTW. Just watched the trilogy again this past week.

I did do a search but not for trash but for “retrieving files”. Another blonde moment I guess hehe.

Have you actually emptied your computer’s trash? If not it will be there if you did accidentally drag it to TRASH.

Do the Spotlight check also. It may just have dropped out of sight.


Late Edit: Terrific news Kayla. Take care.

PS the avatar is pretty close to what I look like. My grandson calls me Dumbledore. Cheeky tyke!

I edited my post. :smiley:

ETA: We’re both very quick.

If you resemble Gandalf then all I’d suggest is trimming the beard a wee bit. Thanks again. Good night.