Retrofitting a novel to parts

I’m 250 pages into my second novel and, being a “pantzer”, :slight_smile: I’ve only just now completed enough to start wrestling with the passage of time. I think the best way to tell this story will be to divide the story into parts, picking things up in subsequent seasons.

I’ve been using the novel format, not “novel with parts”. Is there any clean way to retrofit parts into it? I’ve got a lot of notes and background material and really don’t want to copy the content piece by piece into a new template, nor do I want to juggle content and notes in two documents. The most important thing, of course, is that when I export to manuscript, the part layout and chapter numbering are correct.

Any suggestions?

Rearranging everything in the binder and setting up your compile settings in your current project is pretty easy, actually. Start by selecting a consecutive swathe of chapters in your binder that will make up one of your parts, then choose Documents->Group. This will create a folder and put those selected folders and documents into it, and will put your text cursor into the name of the folder so you can immediately name your part folder however you like.

To get a good start on the compile settings, go to File->Compile, and then in the Format As:" drop-down list, chose either the “Standard Manuscript (with Parts)” or “Paperback Novel (with Parts)” options.

The Standard Manuscript format is best suited for submitting to agents and editors (double-spaced, minimal title page, no cover image associated with it). The Paperback Novel compile settings are designed to help you get pretty close to something you could self-publish. After you select one of these, you can customize a lot of the settings in the expanded compile windows (click the big blue arrow to the right of the Format As drop-down list to see all the options, depending on what you choose in the Compile For: list at the bottom of the window).

Happy Scrivening!