Return Scrivener to "original" state

After some five years and around 120,000 words I am sadly abandoning my mishmash of a novel. Some of it may well rise from the dead like a bad smell but that is for another day.

I am investing some time trying to get more au fait with Scrivener before I start anything else. So I want to reset Scrivener to its “virgin” state - ie all settings returned to default and all stored formats etc deep sixed. NONE of these are important to the old book - should I return to it at some future date.

So I just want to go clean into my new venture. Should I uninstall and reinstall or what???

Any advice gratefully received.

BTW to forestall any - “Oh you poor thing, keep trying” …

I wrote the book in several meaty chunks with no real idea how they completely fitted together (I had a 20,000 word chase scene and had NO IDEA who was chasing whom or why when writing it). I have spent literally years rewriting and writing bridging scenes to try and make the book make sense. I have realised this is a bit like trying to build a house by building six rooms and trying to fit them together - it just is not working!

I MAY do an action thriller and MAY reuse some of the stuff I had or this may just be a cautionary tale - so be it.

I step into a bright new future with head held high and an optimistic spring in my step :slight_smile:

TIA for any wise words … ABOUT SCRIVENER!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Resetting everything to factory default is pretty easy. First you’ll visit the [b]Tools/Options...[/b] window, and click the [b]Defaults[/b] button along the bottom. Or you could uninstall and reinstall. Whatever is easiest.

To get rid of all personal support data, like custom layouts, compile presets, project templates and so on: then delete the AppData\Local\Scrivener folder and everything within it.

Now onward to a less convoluted WIP!

…and thanks again :slight_smile: Will give it a try!