Return to Index Card View -- After Editing Text

Sorry if this has been asked before, I’m new to Scrivener, though I have read and experimented with the entirer user manual.

Love the software, almost every feature and every way it responds, except…

  • I’m in cork-board view
  • There are, say, 50 cards
  • I am looking at one, then click on the icon (in upper left of card) to get to the underlying text
  • I edit (or create) the text

Problem: Now I want to get back to the view I had,
namely: Looking at this object in the cork-board view

IF I…press the “cork board” (middle button on tool-bar)
–> I see the cork board for THIS item, NOT this item IN the cork board.

IF I…click the back-history ◄
–> I get back to the cork-board view for this item’s parent
BUT the view shows cards starting with the first one. The card
I want to be looking at is way down the bottom of the screen.
(Remember, I have, say, 50 cards)

IF I…click on the items parent object (folder) in the BINDER
–> It’s the same problem as I described above (with pressing ◄)

What would be nice is simple:

  • We double click the index-card’s icon to see the text.
  • There needs to be a button (or icon) to do the opposite.
    …to see the INDEX-CARD that HOLDS this text.


And sorry for the long description.

Are you saying you want to quit an index card after editing it? Doesn’t esc work?

Oh, sorry, I’d misunderstood. You want to get back to the corkboard view after editing the text that the index card pertains to? (as if you didn’t explain it carefully enough!). I have to say the back button (top left of header bar) works for me. Takes me back to the same corkboard I was looking at before I clicked on the index card’s icon (actually, that’s a cool feature I didn’t know about - so thanks for that!)

Ah, I see your further problem - that the card you want is off the screen at the bottom. I don’t think scrivener can remember exactly which part of the screen you were viewing before you edited the card. Sorry for being no help at all. :cry:

As an aside, you could try organising your project into folders so fewer cards appear at a time (the disadvantage being you can’t then view them all at once.) Or try the outliner because each file occupies less space. Another cool feature you may not know about is arranging your editor into split screen with the corkboard or outliner in one editor. If you click the double arrow to the right of the settings cog in the footer bar, the other editor will display the contents of whatever index card / file you have chosen. Thus, you can edit a file while simultaneously viewing all your files in the corkboard / outliner.

And as a note on intended behaviour, it should be working the way you want it to. That it does not is a known bug that we have on the list to fix. The selected card(s)/item(s) from a corkboard or outline view should remain selected for all of eternity in fact (until you select other things of course), not just as a function of history, and returning to the board you were just at should do so in such a way that you don’t lose your place.

It would be nice if the same principle could be applied to say Project Notes and snapshots. With snapshots, scrivener not only loses your place but closes the snapshot! Of course locking the Inspector solves this problem but you have to remember to do it …