Return to Last Edit [on project reload]

Version: (1463331) 64-bit - 03 Nov 2021

As I was typing this I noticed in the side pane there was a like topic that appeared, but, when I clicked on it I was not taken to it. Thus, I submit my own thread as follows.

For reasons multiple, I would like to see the addition of the following feature - Upon reopening a project it would be beneficial to have a tic box in options general and/or editing to select Return to EXACT Location where editing was last conducted in a document – and possibly highlight cursor and/or last word edited.

In any project where any document is primarily composed of text I feel it would be a strong feature to replace one’s overloaded memory channel.

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It might help to give a little context on what you are doing when closing and opening a project, and what you are expecting to have happen—perhaps with a precise checklist of what you expect, demonstrating it in a blank test project. I’m having trouble following your request as it stands, because you seem to be asking for something that the software has always done and is impossible to disable.

  1. Lets envision that I am in the middle of a paragraph and retyping a portion of a sentence when I get interrupted or simply decide to quit.
  2. I then Crtl + S to save the document.
  3. I then close the document/project
  4. I then return 2 weeks later to continue work in the same document/project
  5. I open the project
  6. At that time the document/Project reopens with the [cursor flashing] at the exact point in the middle of the paragraph/sentence where I previously closed the said document/project two weeks earlier.
  7. Thus the [cursor] is [location specific] to each individual project and/or document.
  8. Thus serving the main purpose of instantly jogging one’s memory as to where to resume work.

Yes, Scrivener already does this. If you are seeing different behavior, something is wrong.

Yeah, it not only should be doing exactly that, but it should be remembering the last cursor position/selection you’ve ever made in any document, so you could come back to that section a year later and be right where you left off.

I don’t see it in your checklist, but one thing worth noting though is that, at the moment anyway, there is a bug that causes this behaviour to fail if you left off working in a Scrivenings session.

There we go. I very seldom work outside of Scrivenings except during drafts. Any progress on the bug???

Not since it was reported, but I’ve added this thread to the ticket which sometimes helps as they know people are running into it rather than it being an abstract issue.

I also would like to have this possibility in Scrivener.