Return to previous scroll position option...


Just dropping in to submit my first suggestion.

From this page, a collection of images, I can double click the image icon in the top left to view a “full pane” image. When I click the back button to return to the list of images the pane returns to the very top of the list. This would be alright with a few images, but when the number of images starts counting into the tens or hundreds it’s insanity.

Is there an alternate way for me to view a collection of images from within scrivener, or does adding an option to return to the previous scroll position make sense?


Thanks, in fact that is how it should be working. That is a flaw in the history implementation from what I can see. It seems to work better if you click on the folder in the Binder again, rather than using history (but this is not reliable either, so it almost feels more like a mistake that it remembers at all). There a few problems here in general:

  • History does not remember the card selection and so loses the scroll position. That is in fact what is remembered here. Scroll position is never remembered in Scrivener—but selections are, and the act of double-clicking on the icon of a file is an implicit selection.
  • Normal navigation does not remember selected cards when returning to a folder, and has a tendency to lose track otherwise.
  • Card selections in the Corkboard are not remembered for history or Binder clicks.
  • Single card selections can cause the folder to remember where you clicked when returning to that folder later via the Binder—but the card won’t be selected, and if more than one card was selected, it just gives up and scrolls to the top again.
  • All of this should be persistent between sessions.

There are a lot of refinements like this that we have on the list to do.

Meanwhile there is another approach you could take that may work better for you. Instead of double-clicking on the card icon, open up a second split and then click the little double-arrow button in the footer bar of the Corkboard. Now whatever you click on will automatically load in the other split. If you don’t want the single-click behaviour, you can use the Alt-Ctrl-Return shortcut to open your selection in the other editor.

You can also Alt-Shift-Up/DownArrow to browse through items in a row, without having to go back to the main list every time, or just click on the picture directly in the Binder. There are a lot of ways of getting around. :slight_smile: