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Hello, I purchased Scrivener 2 a few years back and never got into using it because it just wasn’t up to par, in my opinion, with what I needed and wanted out of a software. I tried and tried and just didn’t see the value in using it. I finally decided, because I see so many positive blog posts and videos that recommend it, to try to download the V3 beta.

I am UNBELIEVABLY surprised and excited for how AMAZING this is!!! Your tutorial, though almost finished, has simplified this software for me so quickly, that I can’t believe I’ve let the V2 sit on my computer for years without using it.

I know everyone’s bugging you about the official release, so I won’t. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! And I will pay for the upgrade as soon as it’s made available. Until then, I will gladly reinstall beta as often as necessary.

This is so amazing, that if I were a software program, I’d be Scrivener. In fact, I’m thinking we can actually coin the term amongst up and coming generations where instead of describing things as sick or cool, legit or leet, we now get people to say, “Oh my goodness that’s so SCRIVENER 3!!!”

I had a similar experience. I was so disgusted with the manual and compiling that I moved to iBooks Author for 2 years. IBA is no Scrivener. It’s only advantage was an instant one-button WYSIWYG.

I still sort of wish Scrivener had that. Composition mode is close, but no cigar. As it is, I compile in epub a few times a day to read for revision.

But Scrivener 3 turned out to be significantly much better than Scrivener 2. I had to repurchase it due to waiting too long, but it’s light-years better, and the tutorial is really very good as are the videos (the manual is still the pits). Compiling is much better. I had to swear at my computer for weeks, but I finally got a handle on compiling.

I’m puzzled why you just don’t download the current copy. You can update that all you like. You’ve committed to getting it, so it makes little sense to me to not just go get it. It’s pretty much everything you can get in beta without the beta problems. (well, I can’t speak for the Windows version)

Remember, pioneers get the arrows, while the settlers get the land.

Hey Jack, I already own and have purchased Scrivener 2 or 1.9 whatever it is. Scrivener 3 is not available for purchase yet on Windows, only Mac. =)