"Return To Text" from Footnotes

I know how to insert footnotes into a Scrivener manuscript (Format > Footnotes) and how to compile an ePub document such that the properly-numbered footnotes appear at the end of the manuscript. The process works pretty well.

When I read the ePub in iBooks or Kindle, I can touch a footnote number in the text, and it takes me to the specific footnote at the end of the manuscript. Once there, however, there is no easy way to return to where I was in the text. I need a hyperlink from the footnote back to the original reference in the manuscript. Does Scrivener provide a way to do this? Maybe a setting I’ve missed?

If no, can someone post an example how to build this capability manually into a Scrivener manuscript, such that it will compile correctly as an ePub? Thx

Interesting question. My Kindle app has an insert when you do a Search - among all the found search terms listed on the left, there’s a line in the relevant position saying “you were here”. It would certainly be useful thing for footnotes too.

The number of the footnote should link back to the original footnote in the text - that should be done automatically already.

Thank you KB. You are correct. I had a Compile setting incorrectly set.