Returning hierarchical folders to Leopard

I just installed Leopard on several machines and found that Stacks takes away my beloved hierarchical folder menus in the Dock, a constant feature in all previous issues of OS X.

Previously, I kept on the dock aliases of folders containing Applications, Utilities, and Favorites. That saves space on the Dock for items I use often.

But, despair not. Charles O’Rourke wrote a little application called Hierarchy that brings back hierarchical folders. You drag his app to the Dock, launch, and a menu appears on the desktop. I placed it on the far right, under my disk icons, and dragged my Home, Applications, Documents, and Favorites folders there. Click-hold on them, and the folders and sub-folders all appear. (It’s not a system hack.)

The software is free, but he has a tip jar on his site, and I’m sending a donation in thanks. Well worth it to get this feature back. There are many complaints on the boards about this aspect of Stacks.

There’s also Quay, which is less free (that is, completely paid software), but has generated a lot of buzz. Haven’t tried it myself.