Returning to current editing spot

Hello, new Scrivener user with a quick question about how to do something that seemed to be turned on automatically in LibreOffice. I imported a novel and as I’m editing, would like to be able to return to the last editing point when I reopen Scrivener.

For example, if I’m working on the 3rd paragraph in chapter 3 when I close up for the day, I would like it to return to that same spot when I open the program again. Right now, it goes back to chapter 1. Is there a setting to make this possible?

That should be working for you. Ordinarily it remembers not only the last place you were working, but the last place you were working in each and every section of the binder. So if you go back to a scene you wrote a year ago, it should have the same text selected from when you last viewed it and selected some text. So either something isn’t writing correctly to the disk, or more likely, you’re experiencing a bug. There is one I know of that acts like that, but it should only be happening on Lion, does that match?

Yes, I am using OSX Lion. I’m afraid to ask - is there a fix or workaround?

Try the latest build available as a public beta. This is safe to use for real work, being primarily bug fixes. If you purchased from Apple store, however, don’t install that—it will drop you to demo mode. Instead, try turning off all of the “Center” options in your Editor preferences tab. I’m not sure if this one was related to that problem, but it might be.

I did purchase from the app store, so guess I shouldn’t download the beta. I also checked, and none of the center options are checked in the editor preferences. Anything else I should try?

Hmm, okay that is unfortunate. I was hoping that bug was tied to the centring bug but I guess not. I don’t know of any work-arounds for this. I can say that Keith is planning to push 2.2 up to the Mac App Store very soon—probably Monday—and from there it is always a bit of a random waiting period while Apple approves the code; could be a up to a week. So hold on until then; you should see an update soon though.

Thanks. Will keep an eye out for the update.

Actually, even with the MAS version, you can download the beta; it’ll recognize your license now (at least, it should do so). But once the new 2.2 version is out, you’ll want to move the standard beta to trash and download 2.2 via the MAS.

Oh cool, I didn’t know that nut was finally cracked.

I’m just regurgitating what I saw Keith post a few times, so we’ll blame him if it’s wrong. :slight_smile:

To the OP, you can safely give this a shot by not dragging the beta Scrivener icon into the Applications folder immediately. Double-click on the .zip file to decompress it. Then rename the icon to “Scrivener Beta” and then drag it into Applications. It won’t overwrite your MAS version. Try running it and see if you get a demo warning.

I downloaded a trail version of version 2.1, build 14114, and have the same problem with the editor page returning to the first line in the section rather than where I left off. I am using Lion. Since I am in demo mode and have only been experimenting for a day, I will wait for an update. Will the release of the update be announced at the Books and Coffee site, or can I just run a daily update during the trial period?

The daily update checker will alert you when it is ready, yes. You can make sure it is set to daily in the General preference tab. We usually announce releases via the newsletter, as well, since not everyone uses that checker, and Mac App Store customers have to remember to run the MAS software to check for updates. But if you’re running the demo that beta link I posted is safe to use. It will just continue running as a trial for you if you install it, and it should fix this glitch and few others in Lion.