Returning to same spot in chapter

I am currently revising my novel. So I have two copies of each chapter; a first & a second draft. I move between them often. When I open up my second draft, I am in the exact spot where I left off previously. But when I switch back to my first draft, it always takes me back to the very beginning of the chapter. How can I make it so I go back to the last spot I was in on the first draft?
I have included a screenshot of how the two files look, just in case that helps.
Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 5.16.40 PM.png

Have you tested the small “arrows” < > at the top of the editor?

Thank you Lunk. That was helpful and is much faster/easier than continually scrolling down to where I left off.

Just to make sure you’re aware of them, have you seen the snapshots feature? It’s ideally suited to revisions, and can show you what has changed between any given snapshot (1st draft, 2nd, 3rd, …20th) and what’s in the editor now. I don’t think it saves a scroll position, so there’s a down-side to it in that sense, but otherwise, there are all sorts of ways to interact with them.

Here’s Lit & Lat’s 5-minute video on Snaphots for Scrivener 3: … ex=32&t=0s

The whole Scrivener 3 playlist is here: … 2hlPoFzp4k

Yaa it was actually helpful…Thank you so much for the infroamtion…Keep us helping like this.Thanks again